Your DS3© is… Data-Beginner.

Data? For you, data is still mainly associated with the plural of the word “date”. You don’t work with computers much and the developments train is going a bit too fast for you. You prefer asking for help when you have to do things online, but you don’t mind sending emails or going on social media. At home, you prefer not having to think about things that have to do with finances, even though you do understand them. Because you aren’t exposed to much data, information, and digital things through your work, you don’t feel confident with them.

You probably also don’t have the ambition or role to become a data-expert. However, even if you aren’t working with data all day, it is important for you to be up to speed with the possibilities the world of data offers. Data is important for everyone in the organization. Do you want to learn more about data? We have educational, fun, and interactive ways of doing that!

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What is DS3©?

Data Soft Skills Status, or DS3, is a scientifically based model with which you can easily measure data literacy.

Do you want to know more about data literacy or just want to develop your skills?

In addition to this Quick-Scan we also have extensive scientifically based assessments to test data literacy on the basis of the DS3-Model. This can be done on the individual, team, department and group level. We develop the final questionnaire together with your organisation, with the possibility of using your own terminology. For more information on the DS3-Model, click here.

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