Your DS3© is… Data-Expert

When it comes to data, you are a forefront runner in your organisation. You are conscious of the ethics of data, and perhaps also of governance and data management. Data is your “thing”. Data is the basis and starting point of everything. You’re able to build graphs and run statistical analyses in your sleep. Not only that, but you are also able to explain all of this to who needs to hear it. That’s a whole artform, because in order to be able to make a comprehensible story out of these complex issues you need a good dosis of energy and empathy. You have become an expert in researching what facts tell us, and in basing decisions on them. You might perhaps be a bit impatient in this matter, but only because in your mind you are already miles ahead.

So, what can you still learn? Even experts need to keep developing, so as to keep up with the times. Take part in our newest trainings in data management, data communication and a lot more.

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What is DS3©?

Data Soft Skills Status, or DS3, is a scientifically based model with which you can easily measure data literacy.

Do you want to know more about data literacy or just want to develop your skills? Get in touch with us.

In addition to this Quick-Scan we also have extensive scientifically based assessments to test data literacy on the basis of the DS3-Model. This can be done on the individual, team, department and group level. We develop the final questionnaire together with your organisation, with the possibility of using your own terminology. For more information on the DS3-Model, click here.

For more information, get in touch with us or go to