Your DS3© is… Data-Proficient

You work with data a lot and understand it quite well. However… Even you can learn some more! Maybe you aren’t missing knowledge and skills right now, but in the future you might. In your work you can’t avoid it: data are everywhere. You prefer diving into the material on your own. When you do so, you use what works best for you, but perhaps not what’s most useful for the organisation as a whole. Available tools might leave something to be desired, which is why you use you own information solutions.

Perhaps some of your colleagues struggle to follow you, because you are much more advanced than them in the field of data At the same time, there might be ways for you to get even more out of the data. How? You don’t always need new tools and techniques. Perhaps it’s a good idea for you to learn some things about communication, for example. Ever thought about data storytelling? Or a lesson about data ethics?

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What is DS3©?

Data Soft Skills Status, or DS3, is a scientifically based model with which you can easily measure data literacy.

Do you want to know more about data literacy or just want to develop your skills? Get in touch with us.

In addition to this Quick-Scan we also have extensive scientifically based assessments to test data literacy on the basis of the DS3-Model. This can be done on the individual, team, department and group level. We develop the final questionnaire together with your organisation, with the possibility of using your own terminology. For more information on the DS3-Model, click here.

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